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The Mabee House - Renovation

Phase II: Roof Project 2010

The Preservation contracted with a roofing company to remove the old shake, slate and shingle roofs from the circa 1830 building and replace them with a new slate roof utilizing the Tru-Slate method of installation.

The Mabee House - Renovation

Phase I: Built-On Gutters

Chymist Corp. of Matamoras, PA
is the contractor for this renovation project.

(These photos are presented with the most recent first.)

January 15, 2006

Update and photos from Barbara Cashen, "The job at the Mabee House is finished and it looks fantastic. I've attached a couple of pictures of the finished product."

October 1-9, 2005

Photo of the soffit box prior to installation of the metal.

View of the return with the soffit, crown molding, cap, and lead-coated copper installed. Rich Ohl is fitting the the frieze board.

September 21-29, 2005

The scaffolding was constructed in early September 2005. This historic house is ready for Phase I of the renovation to begin.

Terne tin behind the frieze board running up the dormer suggests strongly that gutters were installed at the time of dormer construction.

Deterioration at the end of the rafter plate. Note how sheathing is vertical over the return (demonstrating that cornices were added onto the building at a time after original construction). Also note how lath was doubled up to extend over the cornice when it was constructed.

Rich Ohl bending lead-coated copper in the temporary metal shop we have set up on site. Note the planer we use to reduce 5/4 boards to exactly 1 inch thickness.

Rafter plate near the SW corner after repair with oak timer secured with lag bolts and adhesive.

Sistered rafters secured with lag bolts.

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