Lafayette Center Preservation Foundation

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'Committed to the Preservation and Beautification of our Community'


About Us

The Lafayette Center Preservation Foundation could well be the “smallest organization with the largest project.” Organized in 1976, the organization cites as its goal, “the preservation, restoration and beautification of historic Lafayette.” Lafayette, first settled in 1750, offers many opportunities for historic preservation.

Members of the Foundation
Litter Weekend May 2005

However, it has taken 28 years for the Preservation to find itself a home. The Preservation Foundation is indeed a small, but passionate group and the Mabee House at Historic Running Brook Farm is the very large project that they have undertaken. The Preservation is absolutely committed to achieving their goal of restoring this beautiful Lafayette Landmark and opening it to the public as the Mabee House Museum.

The Mabee House, formerly the Lafayette Municipal Building, is perhaps the oldest and grandest building in Lafayette Center, built by the original owners of the Lafayette Mill. The circa 1830, neoclassical style building with grand hallways and 19 rooms on three floors, was built as a stately mansion in what was at the time, a bustling hub of political and social activity in the county.

Aspiring politician, Daniel Haines, later governor of New Jersey, gave a rousing speech on the grounds of the Ludlam Mansion, as it was known at the time. Two doors down, raucous political conventions were held at the Lafayette House.

The Lafayette Center Preservation Foundation is working tirelessly to raise funds to repair and restore this building, beginning with the over $200,000.00 needed for the removal of three old roofs and replacement with a new slate roof. At the same time, the group continues to honor their commitment to maintaining on-going projects in the community such as the maintenance of the Lafayette Cemetery, sponsorship of scholarship awards, the Miss Lafayette Contest, Lafayette Litter Weekend, Lafayette Talent Show and others.

In a small town with limited resources, the Preservation has stepped up and become a driving force in the beautification and preservation of the buildings and the unique sense of community that sets Lafayette apart from other towns. With the acquisition of this building, the Preservation Foundation looks forward to expanding their offerings to the people of Lafayette with the Mabee House Museum at Historic Running Brook Farm.